Scoliosis Workshop with Laurel Thomas

Scoliosis Workshop with Laurel Thomas
For Students with Scoliosis and Teachers

Friday, February 28 – 4-6pm ($40)
Saturday February 29 – 8-11:30am ($45)
Sunday, March 1 – 8-11:30am ($45)
All Three classes $120

Laurel Thomas (CIYT Int Jr II) is excited to introduce three sequences from Dr. Geeta S. Iyengar’s  scoliosis program. Geetaji mentored Laurel for self-understanding and teaching of others with scoliosis at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (“RIMYI”) in Pune, India. These sequences may serve as a base for working with your own or your student’s scoliosis.

We begin Friday evening with a restorative sequence and orientation. Restorative poses fill the body with spaciousness (akasha) so that the standing poses will be grounded (Prithvi).

Saturday‘s standing pose sequence will utilize principles of periphery-to-core and core-to-periphery. Teachers and students will learn to observe and correct the body in symmetrical and two-sided asanas while connecting the correction to a sense of well-being. Moreover, learning the progression of the standing poses.

Sunday’s class will provide teachers and students with an introduction to Geetaji’s classic forward bends sequence for scoliosis, of which all teachers and scoliosis students should be familiar.

Laurel turned to Yoga in 1995 seeking an alternative to surgery for her scoliosis. That success led her to RIMYI to train directly with B.K.S. Iyengar (“Guruji”) and Geetaji for an intensive five-year study. Laurel was presented an Intermediate Jr II level Iyengar Yoga certification directly from Guruji in 2009.  She has co-authored with Rita Lewis-Manos a forth-coming book, “The Art of Alignment: An Iyengar Yoga Guide to Home Practice for Scoliosis.” Laurel is privileged to call Gloria Goldberg her mentor and continues to study with the Iyengars. She shares her joy of physical freedom and infectious humor in her classes and workshops.

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