Thanksgiving 2020 Led Practice for Jessica

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Venmo to “Chere-Thomas” 

Students are expected to have an understanding of Sanskrit asana names and should know how to take care of themselves using modifications when required.

In July of 2018, our loving friend, CIYT, Ayurveda Practitioner and mother of Ellie (9 years old at the time) was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which has taken her through an over 2-year journey of multiple surgeries, hospital stays, physical therapy and much, much more. While Jessica is now doing very well and on the road to recovery, she still needs our help.

Jessica, Ellie and Coco

What is a Led Practice? A set sequence of poses is provided with no instructions given. The names of poses will be called out and students will follow along.

  • Develop confidence to practice on your own
  • Learn to refine focus and capacity for observation, integration and concentration

Email Chere if you have any questions.